The Plantation

Grow on the most fertile plantation of 21st century. Help others to plant their seed on the World’s most fertile Plantation of the 21st Century. It starts with you, it starts right now. Be the next level generation of talents, because people like you will empower and embrace love, peace, creation and wellness.

Gabriel Mitoc
Gabriel Mitoc

When he chose to learn about food, he allowed his inner self to express with such abundance and determination. He felt that he was creating not just food, but himself, his integrity and his identity. The effort is not for financial gain, but in the satisfaction of expressing his thoughts, his feelings and his emotions through cooking. His goal was not to be the BEST, but the TRUTH. He built a foundation of solid hard work, mental strength and emotional security. On this foundation he will cultivate the next level generation of TALENTS.

This foundation is called SERVICE UNIVERSE. Service Universe is the most fertile PLANTATION of the 21st century. Growing on Service Universe plantation you will gain strong roots to develop the freedom to express, to build integrity and identity, and to liberate your insecurities.

He has unchained his hands, his mind and his soul. His goal is to unchain yours, applying Psychology of Cooking. A journey of translating yourself that will change your life. To be free to express with courage and honour is one of the most valuable qualities you can ever gain. To translate yourself into something that does not speak, gesticulate, hear or breath is just beautiful.

You, you, and you- can do this. Let everything you do, be you. You stay behind the curtains in peace, and let your work represent you. Let your actions talk.

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