“The fearless Step into your Past”.

When you wear a shield it is because you stay prepared to defend after you attack. When your shield is destroyed you don’t become vulnerable, you become lost and scared. Learn how to bleed. Bare hands, courage, honour and an open heart creates the strongest weapon in the world”

The reality of myself has been spoken in my past, through a language that now I have learnt, understood, and translated into my present.

I am fearless of accepting my Past, and I am honest to identify my behaviour, my actions and be sincere with myself and others.

I am going to embrace what time and negligence has stained my identity with. I was born pure, with the gift of creation. I was born beautiful to mesmerise the world. I was born special to bring peace, love and prosperity. Now I want to be vulnerable and understand what caused me diversion from my real self.

Below is my Past identity:

I accept myself

I love myself

I act and I purify myself

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