The confident step into my Present”.

“I am acknowledging who I am and I am aware of what I do”

Do I? Is my present taking me to be person I want to become, to the person I am designed to be in the Future, to my real self?

I am motivated to find out. Crystal clear vision is what I need to acknowledge myself right now, without fearing rejecting myself, unloving myself or criticising myself. I am prepared to tackle my fears, I am strong to tackle obstacles and I am motivated to pursue my future. I am aware of some people not liking me anymore, but also I am aware that some others will do. I am aware I will change my preferences, the way I live, and the way I see comfort.

I am courageous to acknowledge my present and I have honour to see my real values.

Below is my Present identity:

I build Self Respect

I practice Self Awareness

I build Resistance

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