“The adventurous step into my future”.

Why do I have to start with the future? I want to start with the future because I want to picture and design myself and my life according to what I want to achieve and be. Future is unpredictable, if left to come to me. Now I change. I want to design my future and control my actions towards achieving my goals.

If I want to become a titan, an immortal human I must reach the maximum altitude of my life. I am going to strength my aspirations, to control my actions and to improve myself. I am going to find my purpose and to set the higher altitude of it. I know that is me. The beautiful person growing on The Plantation pure, honest, clean, with compassion, with love and respect. I want to be the human that will change in good and influence other humans.

I want to be strong enough to help and protect. I want to maintain a pure circle of life, by defining my purpose, pursuing it and achieving it. I will create peace with my destiny.

Below is my future identity:

Define Values

Contour my journey

Embrace my creation

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