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I am Gabriel and as you read more and more from my content you will understand what I stand for and WHY. My drive is to offer, together with my partner Ally, a glimpse of the peculiar selfsustained lifestyle with the ups and downs that it takes.

So welcome! My home is your home.

Gardening hand crafted hacks 2021

Below you will find ideas of how objects that have been thrown away can be reused and hand crafted into gardening tools that will help your Permaculture system work.

DIY 2021

Raising beds

I have started making a twin raising bed system in order to get ahead in the season and also to facilitate the use of the compost I made the year before.

Planting Pots

Using cans and old planting pots you can create your own planting bed. I used the left over wood from a local wood factory.

Extra Income

Living self-sustained in the beginning is not easy. That’s why hand crafted lamps can bring you an extra income.

Videos of our progress and process


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