The Game Winner

“The biggest battle you must dominate takes part in your time off, the rest is a victory even when you are not winning”

Gabriel Mitoc
Gabriel Mitoc

” Sometimes I play chess with my mind, my soul and my heart. I need to love myself, to check my progress, to rest, to design my next steps, to advice myself – to recharge. I play to win, for that i need a quite place. I play many games a day, and I always win. To win you need to make the right moves and never let an outsider influencing your moves”

You play against yourself. You must win against yourself in order to be able to lose against others . That is a tactic of a strong mind , which is always prepared to lose.

Praise the truth!

Gabriel Mitoc

“Who am I ? You hold the answer. You are the creator and the creation. Master your thoughts, and start doing miracles and not disasters” !
Gabriel Mitoc
Gabriel Mitoc

Truth – A strong word which I pronounce it with dignity and honesty. Truth can take you back to real self, to strong friendships and loving relationships. Can take you back home, to a safe place, to Earth.
Truth is you.


Today I want share with you a wonderful friend, Geo. I meet him 4 years ago, and since then we had constantly be grateful for everything we did in our life. He is an authentic personality, who cooks Food For Soul and who cooks from his soul.

Him and his life partner are sharing wonderful and unique experiences in their holidays and in every day life. They praise the truth.
Follow the link bellow and see Geo’s work .

Celebrate Fatigue !

Ask yourself why are you tired from? Is it building your identity and integrity?

If yes, keep on going. Build resistance!

If no, be courageous, change the path of the race that you are running for. Build awareness!

Gabriel Mitoc

“Teach me something today,and tomorrow I will do it better than you.”

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