Because I am not the product that makes your life extravagant, I must indulge the negligence you cause on Earth.

Gabriel Mitoc
Gabriel Mitoc

 Right… Remember these are my thoughts, my Thoughts of The Designed Reality. All that I write is nothing else but thoughts, questions, and wonders and probably something that has come from the past. I might be able to unchain a few links out of the society’s profoundly rusted chain and weld them in a new, stronger, and cleaner chain of life. Or perhaps not, but I live with the thoughts of seeing the next generations of heroes thriving, reconstructing, regenerating, healing and respecting the Earth’s values and not only …the humankind’s primordial values. Sometimes I wonder how I will share my happiness, ideas, thoughts, and intentions to an individual who’s perfectly attached to success, power, millions, fame, and wealth?; When my goals are not serving the present but only the future. I wish these could matter much more because we must bring the present back on Earth by reducing digital development speed before the take over of the psycho intelligence we have created.

Day by day, we are ruled by desires, passions, and fascination, we tend to not remember what can be enough…Day by day, we brainstorm a new way and type of business that will bring us wealth, fame, and power. Day by day, we leave behind our species, dragging it to suffering and extinction. Day by day, we look after new tools to exploit a species, a resource or even the grand universe.

Is it all ours? Do we own it? I do not think so. I believe that each individual on the planet carries on his ancestor’s sin, and it is our duty to fix it. Responsibility, right? If we all are responsible for old-time catastrophes and the current ones, we will prepare our future generation for a more incredible and flourishing world. It will take time, commitment, strength and most importantly, will power. Oh, great will power drained from us only to be kept on the level as mediocre and blindfolded… day by day.

I am brave enough to say that your behavior’s resulting product is the manifestation with which you evade or escape in your daily routine. To be where I am, it takes courage; it carries out suffering and discomfort. I am limited by the one who invented no limit. But let me tell you what, only the universe is unlimited. If you believe that you have no limits on Earth, you are a fool!

There is a limit on Earth, and it is set by mother nature. Only ignorant, altruist and selfish to be not to see its limitations. Because I am not the product that makes your life extravagant, I must indulge the negligence you cause on Earth. And I am still happy, still trying to sell my work with the price tag that will probably only be of worth when you and I are not around anymore. And to take you just for a few seconds out of the matrix you live in, I only need to ask you two questions. What is your dead price? What is your death worth? Alive you can influence, corrupt, and manipulate the living souls of the planet for your interests and goals …but have you thought further than that? Have you thought of how the next generation of human beings will cooperate with your so-called success?

I bet not. Earth is the only tycoon; you are just a replica whose reflection is sowed on every currency. Think deeper to conquer the altitudes of understandings. Goals and purposes are what can bring us together, why not all fight for a greener planet, for a safer generation, for stronger, more united communities, for a common goal; to bring back the Earth its reputation. I recommend you read through these lines and listen.

Believe in you. Believe in this new belief: communicaring; because I will fight to the death to know that a generation of heroes can rise above us and wash our sins away like never before. Join us in designing the new Earth, the Earth that once supplied us the with free water, clean air and abundance of food, the Earth who allowed us to survive but now we know we must Thrive, but to do that Earth must also thrive. Be part of the movement that will take a turn for nothing in the world but see Earth glamouring Again. So, with it so us!

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Confession to Extravagance

I want to see you through your higher self, but you’ve introduced yourself through your lower self.

Hi. How many of you in this world are wearing the nicest, coolest, most expensive or rare shoes, shirts, bags; driving luxurious cars and getting lost in exotic villas?

How many of you escape in drugs, sex, abuse, child abuse, and violence?

How many of you believe you are the unique dictators of the entire world?

Are you just one of them? Are you the coolest kid in the schoolyard? The bossy boss at the meeting table; the plastic look of the feminine; the dressed mannequin of the masculine? The influencer who sells to the crowd images, that even you doubt? The leader who sinks in corruption or the lawyer who defends the demons? Or merely the man who identifies himself only through a social class and costume?

Since the day you are born, your privileges influence you, take over you, and shape you. You see a world that needs to fulfil your demands. You see the friends who only entertain you; you know the working class as the fools who are condemned to work as happy slaves producing figures and profit. You see the world like a mine, where others have to extract its beauties for your happiness. You live only for yourself.

A cruel man; who is not thinking for one second what if, but only to who am I to talk about you, and see your flourishing as desertification. You have destroyed the worlds extravagance to fabricate yours—the greedy soul of a greedy man. You were not happy with what the other species had because you believed you were the dominant species, the dominant thinking specie and the intellectual, educated one and you deserved everything. You have exploited nature by exploiting humans. You have exploited your species in your fever of having MORE. You have sponsored research that has ended up in disasters, you’ve conducted experiments that reveal the tyranny of a no-limit superiority, you’ve started wars to try on your weapons…Shame!

I am not here to judge you but to warn you. I am not here to blame you but to lighten you. I am not here to imprison you but to set you free.

I am not here to tell you to change but to question What if I give the extravagance back to the Earth?


Earth’s Enigma

Earth can take your breath away; Respect it.

In the search for enlightenment, in the search for answers, in the search for another civilization, in the search for more, we become the ones that by searching, we are less. The wellness of the human race, the joy and the peace are disturbed in such proportions that we become the victims of our own mistakes…and with us the rest.

The search for success, beauty, wealth and power, is what makes us to do less for the Earth and more for us.
You must ask yourselves, what is your purpose of looking for more? Money is your form of success, money is your love, money is your beauty, money is your happiness, money is your wellness, money is your purpose but what dollar bill are you?

Do you become a useless a dollar bill who is worth nothing and has no values unless the bill is worth 7 figures? Wake up people, wake up from the sleep of unconsciousness. Make your life count to Earth and become Earths humble servants.

Earth can be hell or paradise. Haven’t you realised yet that your actions count? You are so important to our conscious evolution, to Earth.
Stop looking for more externally and look internally. Do more! Action on your positive ideas and thoughts, don’t lose them to the wind. Move! The change starts with you, the single person.

To those, who find the peace on Mars; to those, who find the peace in money; to those who find the peace in wars; to those who find the peace in distraction; to those who find the peace in politics and corruption….
Take a break and be one with nature.

Let it go. You are not meant to look for validation outside, when you are run by your ego, by the process, you are encouraging extinction. Be happy with what you have already, maintain it and watch it grow.

You cruel human beings, take a break and learn from your existence. The Blood you flood the rivers and seas and oceans with, the screams you have ignored, and with the weapons you’ve darkened the sun…
Have you not committed enough destruction? What is your limit and when? What else do you want to cause to the Earth and to your species…? When is it going to be enough? What animal are you? Stop.

Let the Earth rule, surrender and follow her rules. You have created your own rules for the sake of power! To feed your wounded egos. For the sake of a ‘superior’ species. For the sake of madness.

Say it my way if you have the courage, and say out loud to me: what are you going to be? Let the Earth Rule, I am with the Earth! I am Service Universe.

The day you die is the day when Earth sentences you for it.
Your actions on Earth make Earth send to death innocent people and other species.

You are the worst species on Earth and with all of that you are proud of building empires and counting billions in your bank account. Shame on you. Soon you will blame the nature being hostile to you and dream to run and live on Mars?
You’ve been destroying, and now you run away like you do in every second of your life. You run away from people you’ve hurt and destroyed, from responsibilities, you look for escapes in sex and drugs, supercars and luxury. Shame on you!

Take a break and Let the Earth Speak. Its been here before you. You owe to Earth an apology. Earth waits with open arms to work in harmony with you again. Return home. There is your truth and salvation.

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Roses in the Thunderstorm

Blooming happiness, pistil of energy – A human beings biology. Rising through decades and never regrets, listening to leaders who dictate, believing in obligations and hopes; he sees how life terminates.

Health, Happiness, Harmony – the three Hitamines.

Dream, Design, Do it – the three Ditamins.

These are the nutrients for your mind, body and soul. Here I am to tell you that you are enough and to believe in your blooming heart and creative mind, to believe in your power of being and meaning of existence.

Behind the Main Curtains there is a lot more out there waiting for you and needing you. The nature and the Earth can offer more than the whole made-up society, rules, the barriers and laws; the racism and discrimination, the privileges…The Earth seems to be host of human alteration:

We alter our wellness for wealthiness.

We alter our life for lifestyle.

We alter integrity for habits.

We alter trust for abandon.

We alter love for experiences.

We alter families for distance.

Wars and financial crises, epidemics and pandemics repeating all over again? A never ending story that is written in each century with the same meaning, where the social classes get even stronger and poverty even more exploitable.

You are not meant to be more than what you are biologically made for. A blooming flower with the power to smiling with your eyes, with the power of crying with your heart and with the power of designing with your mind. You are not the conquistador anymore.

 How beautiful is that, and still you are no one in a society if you do not have a job, if you do not drive a supercar, wear a Gucci or own a house? How insane is that to be judged by the outlook of your belongings and price tags, by nationality and religion, by the ranking society? This means nothing to me. What matters is the power of your character, the purity of your integrity and quality of your identity.

The evolution is measured in equal measure with success. The education is measured equal with discrimination and favouritism.  This the modern democracy.

 It seems that something limitates your powers just because you simply have them. How on Earth could we buy death with cash without even realizing?  Death is on the market, it is on sale; it makes money and is good for business and the system. It seems to always be a thunderstorm disrupting the natural balance of the human being.

Life runs free, it is everywhere and welcomes everyone. You can have it once you stop buying death.

Let me tell you something: your favourite drink is the one that shortens your life, your favourite food is the one that raises your risk of heart attack, your favourite city is the one you cannot breath in, your favourite happiness is the one that you cannot remember the next day, your favourite influencer is the one that teaches you how to become a billionaire. The truth is that the greatest things on Earth are not to be favourites, but understood, lived, respected, appreciated, loved, helped, protected and maintained.

The unseen damage is the one that affects the Earth and its Cycle; how surprising that you are belonging to Earth too. The unseen damage is the one that affects you, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second.

The light you eat, the water you drink, the air you breath and the life you live is what builds up your immunity, strengthens your mind and body, and heals you. The rush, we leave behind everything for more, it is the one that offers us less. The More Syndrome has affected humanity with the force of the Thunderstorm. It is time to unchain yourselves and be yourselves. Life can be lived differently by acting differently.

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The Species with a free spirit and a jailed brain.

“In the clamour of the modern world you are not doing more than chasing ‘reality’ with dreams”

Gabriel Mitoc

Noise everywhere around you…Fake news, average influencers, corrupted politicians, insecure characters, disinterested mentors, toxic pharmacy’s, junk food, free criminals – a monopole of an indoctrinated and capricious society ruled by the GOD of MATTER; MONEY.

On Earth you are a resource. You are the potential buyer of the disgusting products that you are bombarded with every day. Your life matters to them, and not because you are an important species but because you can pay attention to their important products and become a buyer of one of them. That’s why you are important.
Dreams that others have, you kind of feel the need to achieve them as well.. This chain reaction of brain washed individuals looks like the paradise of so called highly educated people.
Are you free? With your spirit – and then you are pointed as being different and not the same as other billions of species of your kind.
Every escape of your spirit has become a criminal offence to the ‘highly educated’ people.

And do you know why? Because free spirits are more efficient, more intelligent, more powerful, more brave, have more emotional intelligence, have more compassion , they like freedom and can not be controlled;

Their fear is that your genuine spirit can not be conquered by an artifical digital processor. Then they jail-brain you. You are allowed to ‘share’ only what’s permitted.
Restricted, your spirit lives in permanent detention.

The Psychology of Cooking

The Costume is nothing more than a bodyguard of inner insecurities, self respect, negation of the species, racist behaviour and supreme race, lack of emotional intelligence… weaknesses… And the costume becomes tighter and stronger once the loss of integrity and identity occurs.

Conquer your peace by doing what your spirit and gut feels like doing. Pure, simple, honest and genuine. The encouragement, progress and strength, comes from the brilliant resistance to all the jails you are thrown in, just because you are a courageous wonderful person. Be Free to Be Free.

“In the clamour of the modern world you are not doing more than chasing ‘reality’ with dreams”


Night shades occur when the sky burns.

The moon, the stars and colours, the grass and open space… simplicity, energy, soil, childhood, love, help, protect- night shade moments I’ve been flooded with, on the night of the 31st of May.
I’ve been wonderfully distracted by a peculiar moment of natural splendour. A seat in a comfortable position of a car worth £45K, could not merge my thoughts with the beauty of the sky.
I stopped. I walked to the open field laid perfectly flat and peacefully in front of me, only disturbed by the harmonious sounds of the insects and birds and the silhouette of shaded trees.
I laid down on the ground, letting the grass embrace my existence, my thoughts, and my emotions. These moments are unique… indescribable.
Looking up at the moon took me back to my childhood when I had to run behind my backyard in a field of corn and sit wondering why and what my dad and mum were having arguments about.
It was my escape, but I could not see above my wonders and sadness.
Now I want to praise the existence of this moment, as it took me back to a time when I was a boy walking in field of corn , getting scratches all over his face from the roughness  of the corn leaves  to get to my place. And when I got there the only thought I had was to walk back and see them smiling again.

What once you have escaped in, you will become re-captured by in the present.

I have defined a lifetime value of my life – grounding. The way you were grounded is the way you observe and eliminate to be able to get back to the roots – but this time not to heal but to love, help and protect.


Everything we live is not everything we have and gain. The more we gain the more we lose. We live to gain yet we die poor. The nonsense of distractions now days has reached and immense intensity. The cheap thrills have become the joy, the love, the fun of our everyday life.
The artist, the singer, the barber, the butcher etc…they are all creating for the demand.
What do we demand?
We demand from being infected with distractions.
Be simple; you will be clear.

We live on a round circle and we never learnt how to love, help and support. Just exploit. When enough is not enough; when our greedy soul wants more. We live a history that has been written to showcase the biggest power and the biggest winner and not the weakest. We live a fake history and a fake belief. We are ruled by a fake belief and it’s sad to trust a fake belief. The world must stop being square, it is meant to be round.
Be simple; trust in yourself.
We all leave behind childhood, cities, friends and family – when we die. But before that it is our choice. Before the day we die it is in our hands to serve the Earth, as best as we can do. The consciousness of humanity must rise higher than the current state it is in. You must open your eyes and see the life. You are constantly unsatisfied, stressed, unhappy, unprepared, unqualified, scared etc. Why? You are the best creation ever made. You are everything. You are so special that you don’t even realise how beautiful you can be.
Be simple; shine bright like a star.

We are corrupted. We are hurt. We are hated. We are blamed. Do you want that? Why is all of this affecting you? Let me suggest why. Perhaps you are trying to reach complexity. That fake belief that most are attracted to. We lost the right to live without selling on a piece of paper our identity. Civilisation is distraction instead of protection. God was a simple man teaching you to trust in your purity. God was not a Harvard intellect teaching how to be richer. Peace, love and support can be maintained only with simplicity. The biggest teacher of the world is the one that connects deeper than everyone else does with his soul. As opposed to the one who is showing you numbers on a screen.

Hey people! Allow me to tell you my joy, my fun and my life:
I want to live in a place that I am not rushing for 24hours per day, in a place where I don’t have to wake up early to avoid the morning crowd but to enjoy the nature and my space, in a place that I don’t queue for food but instead cultivate my own and appreciate every single bite and flavour; in a place that people don’t throw stones on me because I don’t reach the target, in a place that I don’t have to own properties to be an influencer, in a place that no one can hit me with a car and run away, in a place that by not having a GPS I can get lost, in a place that my kids will play with life and not technology, in a place where love can be felt and praised and not just experienced, in a place that I am not a competitor to you, in a place that allows me to create my space and not to work on your time limit, in a place that love, help and support collide with simplicity and dignity.

This place is on Earth, a step away from your well gained comfort zone. It takes you 10, 20, 30 or more years of your life to attract a fake belief, only to die poor. It takes years for this fake belief to destroy your health. It kills you while your happiness is feeding with materialistic belongings.
I want a place where I can step naked from the door and cry, smile and laugh.
In a place that I can feel the morning breeze on my skin and the soil on my barefeet, in a place with the scent of the flowers and not the intoxicated air of an industrialised city. I want to be the place where you come and heal, when you leave and learn how to create your own. I want to be the reservoir of love, help and protection and not the one of the addiction. The greatest you is when you give away the greatest they see. The greatest you is the one you see. I just want a land from the Earth that I belong to and to live my life without being bothered from anyone who wants to have my piece of happiness.

I want to die knowing that I served the Earth and helped other people to enjoy their life more than enjoy the seconds or minutes. Let me have that land because that’s the gold you will never have unless you are keen to let go of your empire of metals and material for a balanced harmony.
Be simple, be independent to addictions.

Be Simple; shine bright in the dark.