Thoughts of an addiction

I wonder how so many people can live the life of a mediocre human, with fewer feelings and morals, or even fewer values with degradable characters. The decay has stepped in and will swipe away the minor fragments of a being. Is the addiction more important than your life? – the brightness of a sunny day or the darkness of a starry sky, the seasons’ caprices or the salty blue vast oceans? The power of creation – creating a life, a human being just like you from you? Why choose addiction when what you receive is only something that kills you?

It kills your intimacy, your thoughts, health or even your environment. There are vast tangible things that can cause addiction out there, but a lot of intangibles that are only living in depths can be felt or seen. Life of an addiction is the life lived on the edge of a cliff. It causes misery, pain, social anxiety, redemption or worse, suicides.

What an era? What a millennium? Here in fear of being disrupted or criticized, punished or judged, distanced and labelled – you neglecting your addictions and let them become part of you in everyday life. Such an abundance of social rights manifesto and such scarcity, failure and poverty within the world. Is addiction the correct answer?

Is sugar, sex, drugs, cigarettes, distractions, technology, pills, nasty food, alcohol, luxury, pollution, egotistic image pursuits etc…the right formula for social carrying and responsibility, or does it make us forget and leave us content with our decaying destiny?

In a world where addictions are primarily legal and lead the way, ruling, affecting and impacting human being behaviour, if you’re the one that wants to get rid of an addiction, DO IT. There is a better world within this world. It just needs to be discovered…

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