Confession to Extravagance

I want to see you through your higher self, but you’ve introduced yourself through your lower self.

Hi. How many of you in this world are wearing the nicest, coolest, most expensive or rare shoes, shirts, bags; driving luxurious cars and getting lost in exotic villas?

How many of you escape in drugs, sex, abuse, child abuse, and violence?

How many of you believe you are the unique dictators of the entire world?

Are you just one of them? Are you the coolest kid in the schoolyard? The bossy boss at the meeting table; the plastic look of the feminine; the dressed mannequin of the masculine? The influencer who sells to the crowd images, that even you doubt? The leader who sinks in corruption or the lawyer who defends the demons? Or merely the man who identifies himself only through a social class and costume?

Since the day you are born, your privileges influence you, take over you, and shape you. You see a world that needs to fulfil your demands. You see the friends who only entertain you; you know the working class as the fools who are condemned to work as happy slaves producing figures and profit. You see the world like a mine, where others have to extract its beauties for your happiness. You live only for yourself.

A cruel man; who is not thinking for one second what if, but only to who am I to talk about you, and see your flourishing as desertification. You have destroyed the worlds extravagance to fabricate yours—the greedy soul of a greedy man. You were not happy with what the other species had because you believed you were the dominant species, the dominant thinking specie and the intellectual, educated one and you deserved everything. You have exploited nature by exploiting humans. You have exploited your species in your fever of having MORE. You have sponsored research that has ended up in disasters, you’ve conducted experiments that reveal the tyranny of a no-limit superiority, you’ve started wars to try on your weapons…Shame!

I am not here to judge you but to warn you. I am not here to blame you but to lighten you. I am not here to imprison you but to set you free.

I am not here to tell you to change but to question What if I give the extravagance back to the Earth?


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