Earth’s Enigma

Earth can take your breath away; Respect it.

In the search for enlightenment, in the search for answers, in the search for another civilization, in the search for more, we become the ones that by searching, we are less. The wellness of the human race, the joy and the peace are disturbed in such proportions that we become the victims of our own mistakes…and with us the rest.

The search for success, beauty, wealth and power, is what makes us to do less for the Earth and more for us.
You must ask yourselves, what is your purpose of looking for more? Money is your form of success, money is your love, money is your beauty, money is your happiness, money is your wellness, money is your purpose but what dollar bill are you?

Do you become a useless a dollar bill who is worth nothing and has no values unless the bill is worth 7 figures? Wake up people, wake up from the sleep of unconsciousness. Make your life count to Earth and become Earths humble servants.

Earth can be hell or paradise. Haven’t you realised yet that your actions count? You are so important to our conscious evolution, to Earth.
Stop looking for more externally and look internally. Do more! Action on your positive ideas and thoughts, don’t lose them to the wind. Move! The change starts with you, the single person.

To those, who find the peace on Mars; to those, who find the peace in money; to those who find the peace in wars; to those who find the peace in distraction; to those who find the peace in politics and corruption….
Take a break and be one with nature.

Let it go. You are not meant to look for validation outside, when you are run by your ego, by the process, you are encouraging extinction. Be happy with what you have already, maintain it and watch it grow.

You cruel human beings, take a break and learn from your existence. The Blood you flood the rivers and seas and oceans with, the screams you have ignored, and with the weapons you’ve darkened the sun…
Have you not committed enough destruction? What is your limit and when? What else do you want to cause to the Earth and to your species…? When is it going to be enough? What animal are you? Stop.

Let the Earth rule, surrender and follow her rules. You have created your own rules for the sake of power! To feed your wounded egos. For the sake of a ‘superior’ species. For the sake of madness.

Say it my way if you have the courage, and say out loud to me: what are you going to be? Let the Earth Rule, I am with the Earth! I am Service Universe.

The day you die is the day when Earth sentences you for it.
Your actions on Earth make Earth send to death innocent people and other species.

You are the worst species on Earth and with all of that you are proud of building empires and counting billions in your bank account. Shame on you. Soon you will blame the nature being hostile to you and dream to run and live on Mars?
You’ve been destroying, and now you run away like you do in every second of your life. You run away from people you’ve hurt and destroyed, from responsibilities, you look for escapes in sex and drugs, supercars and luxury. Shame on you!

Take a break and Let the Earth Speak. Its been here before you. You owe to Earth an apology. Earth waits with open arms to work in harmony with you again. Return home. There is your truth and salvation.

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