Roses in the Thunderstorm

Blooming happiness, pistil of energy – A human beings biology. Rising through decades and never regrets, listening to leaders who dictate, believing in obligations and hopes; he sees how life terminates.

Health, Happiness, Harmony – the three Hitamines.

Dream, Design, Do it – the three Ditamins.

These are the nutrients for your mind, body and soul. Here I am to tell you that you are enough and to believe in your blooming heart and creative mind, to believe in your power of being and meaning of existence.

Behind the Main Curtains there is a lot more out there waiting for you and needing you. The nature and the Earth can offer more than the whole made-up society, rules, the barriers and laws; the racism and discrimination, the privileges…The Earth seems to be host of human alteration:

We alter our wellness for wealthiness.

We alter our life for lifestyle.

We alter integrity for habits.

We alter trust for abandon.

We alter love for experiences.

We alter families for distance.

Wars and financial crises, epidemics and pandemics repeating all over again? A never ending story that is written in each century with the same meaning, where the social classes get even stronger and poverty even more exploitable.

You are not meant to be more than what you are biologically made for. A blooming flower with the power to smiling with your eyes, with the power of crying with your heart and with the power of designing with your mind. You are not the conquistador anymore.

 How beautiful is that, and still you are no one in a society if you do not have a job, if you do not drive a supercar, wear a Gucci or own a house? How insane is that to be judged by the outlook of your belongings and price tags, by nationality and religion, by the ranking society? This means nothing to me. What matters is the power of your character, the purity of your integrity and quality of your identity.

The evolution is measured in equal measure with success. The education is measured equal with discrimination and favouritism.  This the modern democracy.

 It seems that something limitates your powers just because you simply have them. How on Earth could we buy death with cash without even realizing?  Death is on the market, it is on sale; it makes money and is good for business and the system. It seems to always be a thunderstorm disrupting the natural balance of the human being.

Life runs free, it is everywhere and welcomes everyone. You can have it once you stop buying death.

Let me tell you something: your favourite drink is the one that shortens your life, your favourite food is the one that raises your risk of heart attack, your favourite city is the one you cannot breath in, your favourite happiness is the one that you cannot remember the next day, your favourite influencer is the one that teaches you how to become a billionaire. The truth is that the greatest things on Earth are not to be favourites, but understood, lived, respected, appreciated, loved, helped, protected and maintained.

The unseen damage is the one that affects the Earth and its Cycle; how surprising that you are belonging to Earth too. The unseen damage is the one that affects you, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second.

The light you eat, the water you drink, the air you breath and the life you live is what builds up your immunity, strengthens your mind and body, and heals you. The rush, we leave behind everything for more, it is the one that offers us less. The More Syndrome has affected humanity with the force of the Thunderstorm. It is time to unchain yourselves and be yourselves. Life can be lived differently by acting differently.

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