Night shades occur when the sky burns.

The moon, the stars and colours, the grass and open space… simplicity, energy, soil, childhood, love, help, protect- night shade moments I’ve been flooded with, on the night of the 31st of May.
I’ve been wonderfully distracted by a peculiar moment of natural splendour. A seat in a comfortable position of a car worth £45K, could not merge my thoughts with the beauty of the sky.
I stopped. I walked to the open field laid perfectly flat and peacefully in front of me, only disturbed by the harmonious sounds of the insects and birds and the silhouette of shaded trees.
I laid down on the ground, letting the grass embrace my existence, my thoughts, and my emotions. These moments are unique… indescribable.
Looking up at the moon took me back to my childhood when I had to run behind my backyard in a field of corn and sit wondering why and what my dad and mum were having arguments about.
It was my escape, but I could not see above my wonders and sadness.
Now I want to praise the existence of this moment, as it took me back to a time when I was a boy walking in field of corn , getting scratches all over his face from the roughness  of the corn leaves  to get to my place. And when I got there the only thought I had was to walk back and see them smiling again.

What once you have escaped in, you will become re-captured by in the present.

I have defined a lifetime value of my life – grounding. The way you were grounded is the way you observe and eliminate to be able to get back to the roots – but this time not to heal but to love, help and protect.

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