Everything we live is not everything we have and gain. The more we gain the more we lose. We live to gain yet we die poor. The nonsense of distractions now days has reached and immense intensity. The cheap thrills have become the joy, the love, the fun of our everyday life.
The artist, the singer, the barber, the butcher etc…they are all creating for the demand.
What do we demand?
We demand from being infected with distractions.
Be simple; you will be clear.

We live on a round circle and we never learnt how to love, help and support. Just exploit. When enough is not enough; when our greedy soul wants more. We live a history that has been written to showcase the biggest power and the biggest winner and not the weakest. We live a fake history and a fake belief. We are ruled by a fake belief and it’s sad to trust a fake belief. The world must stop being square, it is meant to be round.
Be simple; trust in yourself.
We all leave behind childhood, cities, friends and family – when we die. But before that it is our choice. Before the day we die it is in our hands to serve the Earth, as best as we can do. The consciousness of humanity must rise higher than the current state it is in. You must open your eyes and see the life. You are constantly unsatisfied, stressed, unhappy, unprepared, unqualified, scared etc. Why? You are the best creation ever made. You are everything. You are so special that you don’t even realise how beautiful you can be.
Be simple; shine bright like a star.

We are corrupted. We are hurt. We are hated. We are blamed. Do you want that? Why is all of this affecting you? Let me suggest why. Perhaps you are trying to reach complexity. That fake belief that most are attracted to. We lost the right to live without selling on a piece of paper our identity. Civilisation is distraction instead of protection. God was a simple man teaching you to trust in your purity. God was not a Harvard intellect teaching how to be richer. Peace, love and support can be maintained only with simplicity. The biggest teacher of the world is the one that connects deeper than everyone else does with his soul. As opposed to the one who is showing you numbers on a screen.

Hey people! Allow me to tell you my joy, my fun and my life:
I want to live in a place that I am not rushing for 24hours per day, in a place where I don’t have to wake up early to avoid the morning crowd but to enjoy the nature and my space, in a place that I don’t queue for food but instead cultivate my own and appreciate every single bite and flavour; in a place that people don’t throw stones on me because I don’t reach the target, in a place that I don’t have to own properties to be an influencer, in a place that no one can hit me with a car and run away, in a place that by not having a GPS I can get lost, in a place that my kids will play with life and not technology, in a place where love can be felt and praised and not just experienced, in a place that I am not a competitor to you, in a place that allows me to create my space and not to work on your time limit, in a place that love, help and support collide with simplicity and dignity.

This place is on Earth, a step away from your well gained comfort zone. It takes you 10, 20, 30 or more years of your life to attract a fake belief, only to die poor. It takes years for this fake belief to destroy your health. It kills you while your happiness is feeding with materialistic belongings.
I want a place where I can step naked from the door and cry, smile and laugh.
In a place that I can feel the morning breeze on my skin and the soil on my barefeet, in a place with the scent of the flowers and not the intoxicated air of an industrialised city. I want to be the place where you come and heal, when you leave and learn how to create your own. I want to be the reservoir of love, help and protection and not the one of the addiction. The greatest you is when you give away the greatest they see. The greatest you is the one you see. I just want a land from the Earth that I belong to and to live my life without being bothered from anyone who wants to have my piece of happiness.

I want to die knowing that I served the Earth and helped other people to enjoy their life more than enjoy the seconds or minutes. Let me have that land because that’s the gold you will never have unless you are keen to let go of your empire of metals and material for a balanced harmony.
Be simple, be independent to addictions.

Be Simple; shine bright in the dark.