Are you ready to grow yourself and within yourself?

Psychology of Cooking is the answer. If you are here, join us! Learn The Psychology of Cooking and get to know your depths deeper, and reach your altitudes higher. A lifetime change is about to take part in your life. Why ? Because we all deserve to understand ourselves how brave, glorious and intense we are. Find the treasure of the hidden self through The Psychology of Cooking.

Learn the Psychology of Cooking and become part of The Plantation. You don’t have to be a chef to think like a chef. Trust yourself, you are unique!

Welcome to Service Universe!

Help to cultivate. Choose to cultivate yourself by following The 3 step towards liberation, and learn The Psychology of Cooking or choose to become part of The Plantation.

Help others to plant their seed on the World’s most fertile Plantation of the 21st Century. It starts with you, it starts right now. Be the next level generation of talents, because people like you will empower and embrace love, peace, creation and wellness.

Are you brave enough to grow yourself? Follow three dynamic steps towards the altitude of depths. Dig deep, fearless and sincere. Find the reservoir of your greatest self, and climb the altitude of your thoughts to liberate it. “Communicaring is investigating denial.”

Gabriel Mitoc

“True beliefs always fail – fail to be distracted.”

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